Frequently Asked Questions


Do you sell televisions?


Our shop offers refurbished, deeply discounted televisions for sale. We have a continuously rotating inventory of smaller and larger sets, so please check back often to see whats available. All of our pre-owned units come with a 90-day warranty with extended warranties available.


Can I drop off my unit at your store?


Absolutely! There is a diagnosis fee for televisions dropped off in store, however 100% of the fee will be credited to your final invoice if you choose to repair your unit with us.


Do I need an appointment?


To drop off in-store, we do not require an appointment although it helps to call ahead. Naturally, service calls need to be scheduled in advance.


Do you speak spanish? (Hablas Español?)


Yes we do! Hablamos Español y estamos aquí para servirle.


Will you come to my home and pickup my television?


We can come to your home and diagnose the issue and/or pickup the television. There is a service call fee associate with an in-home service, however 100% of the fee will be credited to your final invoice if you choose to repair your unit with us. Please see our online scheduling tool for more information.


Is it possible to fix my unit in-house?


Yes - in some cases it is possible to fix your unit in-home. This depends on parts availability, the length of time needed for labor and having a suitable area to repair your unit. While it may be possible to repair your unit in-home, we usually reccomend that we take the unit back to the shop for testing.


How long will it take to fix my TV?


Our turnaround time is usually 7 days or less. We will keep you fully updated during the process and you will be notified if we anticipate any delays in your service.


How much will it cost to repair my TV?


There is no fixed answer to this question. As many televisions differ in features, size, and cost so do their corresponding repairs. Parts availability and labor time are significant factors in the estimate.


While we cannot offer an exact quote until an diagnosis has been completed and an estimate prepared, we would be happy to give you an approximate range over the phone.


Note: We cannot quote any prices over email except for diagnostic and service call charges.


Please contact us for further details at (214) 957-4079


Do you provide DLP lamp replacement?


We provide OEM (original parts) lamp replacement for DLP televisions. The benefits of choosing an OEM lamp over a generic bulb are numerous - there is truly no comparison when it comes to quality.


We only use OEM bulbs due to longevity, picture quality and maintaining proper specifications as specified by the manufacturer. This is in addition to the vast quality variance possible with generic parts that is greatly reduced with the use OEM parts.


I've dropped my television and now my screen is cracked. Is it repairable?


In very few instances, a cracked screen is repairable. Unfortunately (and most of the time), this type of damage can only be fixed with complete screen replacement. While parts are available to fix cracked screens, they can easily cost 2-3 times the replacement cost of the unit. In these cases we recommend disposal of the television and replacement with a new unit.


Our shop offers free disposal of irreparable televisions as well as refurbished, deeply discounted televisions for sale. We have a continuously rotating inventory or smaller and larger sets, so please check back often to see whats available.


Do you service older televisions?


Of course! As a matter of fact, we can usually keep older televisions running for many years with periodic service. We have had repeat customers bring us their same "daily driver" televisions in 5-7 year increments many times over.


How long will my television last after its repaired?


It is impossible to say definitively how long your repair will last, just as it is impossible for a manufacturer to accurately predict when and if their televisions will fail. They rate their units on a mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) score, but can only accurately predict on an aggregate scale - say 10,000 units.


What we can offer you is peace of mind with a 90-day written warranty. We also offer the option to extend your warranty up to 3 full years from your repair date.


Can you work with a warranty or insurance company to get my TV fixed?


Yes, we have worked with many warranty and insurance companies in the past and would be happy to handle the transaction with a third party. This would need to be pre-arranged with the shop, so please contact us at your first available opportunity so we can handle the transaction properly.


How long have you been in business?


We have been in business in Allen for over 10 years - Additionally, our mobile repair has been operating in the DFW area for even longer.


We've just moved our operations to the Allen location on Greenville & Main Street in December 2015. Stop in when you have a moment to see a very "unique" retail concept to television repair - also grab a hot cup of coffee while you're there!


What kind of warranty do you provide?


All of our services come with a 90 day written warranty (unless otherwise noted). We can also extend your warranty for peace of mind up to 3 total years.


Do you accept credit cards? What other forms of payment?

We accept most forms of payment including Cash, Check with Valid Identification, Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard.


How long do I have to pickup my unit once repairs are complete?

We ask that you retrieve your unit within 7 calendar days after we contact you and inform that repairs are complete. Due to significant space limitations, we cannot guarantee your unit will be available after the 7th business day. Units, at management discretion, may be recycled or disposed of after the 7 day window.

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