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  • I've dropped my television and now my screen is cracked. Is it repairable?
    This is our #1 question, and comes in a variety of forms, from accidental damage, shipping damage or mishandling, moving damage, children and pets, etc. Usually (and unfortunately), this type of damage is not repairable, and this is a function of economics. We can only fix this damage with complete screen replacement, and while occasionally replacement parts are available, they can easily cost 1-3 times the replacement cost of the unit. When labor is factored into the repair cost, it is almost always more efficient to purchase another unit new, as the screen replacement process on modern TVs can be very difficult and time-consuming. This also needs to be done in a highly controlled enviornment, as the risk of cracking the new screen before its placed into its brace is high. We have also seen several new screens show up at our facility cracked, merely from shipping and handling. For all of these reasons, while the possiblity of repairing a cracked screen is there, the use-case is narrow and we just can't recommend repairing a cracked screen in good conscience. If you aren’t sure the screen is cracked, you can send us a picture at and we will try our best to let you know before you book a service call appointment or come to the store.
  • Do I need an appointment?
    To drop off in-store, we do not require an appointment although it helps to call ahead, especially if you need assistance. Service calls need to be scheduled in advance, and appointments can be booked online or over the phone.
  • Do you speak spanish? (Hablas Español?)
    Yes we do! Hablamos Español y estamos aquí para servirle.
  • Do you provide DLP lamp replacement?
    Yes! We still provide OEM (original parts) lamp replacement for DLP televisions. We only use OEM bulbs due to longevity, picture quality and maintaining proper specifications as specified by the manufacturer. This is in addition to the vast quality variance possible with generic parts that is greatly reduced with the use OEM parts. Please contact us for further details at or (214) 957-4079
  • Do you sell televisions?
    Our shop offers refurbished, deeply discounted televisions for sale. We have a continuously rotating inventory of smaller and larger units, so please check back often to see what’s available. Like our repaired televisions, all of our pre-owned inventory comes with a 90-day written warranty.
  • Do you service older televisions?
    Absolutely! As a matter of fact, we can usually keep older televisions running for many years with periodic service. This is especially useful if you are trying to repair a unit long after the manufacturer drops product support, or the warranty expires. We have had many repeat customers bring us their "daily driver" televisions over 5-7 year increments, and continue to see many of them as the years go by!
  • Do you service other types of electronics?
    We specialize in repairing televisions and home theater equipment, and generally we limit our services to those items. However, we have fixed a variety of irreplicable items over the years, such as CRT gauges for automobiles, medical monitors for hospitals, hospitality TVs for chain hotels, and many other oddities/rarities. Please contact us at your earliest convenience if you have a unique repair request. We can let you know over the phone if it’s something we can accommodate, before you make the trip.
  • How much will it cost to repair my TV?
    There is no fixed answer to this question. As televisions differ in features, size, and cost, so do their corresponding repairs. Part costs and labor time are significant factors in the estimate, and will drive the final repair cost up or down accordingly. We make every effort to keep repair costs low, as well as pricing our repairs well below the cost of replacing the TV (in almost all cases), but this is always determined by the cost of parts & labor. If the repair appears not to make economic sense, we will always give you our honest opinion up front.
  • Can you provide a "ballpark" estimate without looking at the TV?"
    While we cannot offer an exact quote until a paid diagnostic has been completed and an estimate prepared for you, we can try our best to give you a ballpark range over the phone. Please note, that this is not an estimate or a ballpark estimate. It is a range based on how much repair pricing for similar units has cost our past customers. Final pricing will vary. The only prices we will quote via email are diagnostic & service call charges. All other ranges are provided over the phone.
  • How much is the diagnostic fee?
    As of October 2023, our in-store diagnostic fee is $79.00 plus sales tax (8.25%). Diagnostic fees are non-refundable; however we will subtract this fee from your final repair cost, if you choose to move forward with repairing the unit.
  • How much is the service call fee?
    Service call fees vary, depending on the distance from the store. Since the quoted service call fee includes pickup, delivery, and the diagnostic service, it will be more expensive than a diagnostic fee alone. Service call fees are non-refundable; however we will subtract 50% of the service call fee from your final repair cost, if you choose to move forward with repairing the unit.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept most forms of payment including Cash, Personal Check with valid (not expired) identification, and all major credit cards (Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard). Credit card payments for service calls must be made in advance via our online invoicing system/portal.
  • Do you offer free recycling for broken TVs? Do other locations in the area?
    Yes! For cracked screens or other unwanted televisions, we recommend environmentally conscious recycling of the television. We offer free recycling services in our store for certain TV types (no CRT, DLP or rear projection units), and usually big box retailers like Best Buy offer the service as well. Availability is subject to each retailer. There are also government programs like the Texas Recycles TVs Program which offer recycling opportunities in your area.
  • Can you work with a warranty or insurance company to get my TV fixed?
    Yes, we have worked with many warranty and insurance companies in the past and would be happy to handle the repair transaction with a third party. This would need to be pre-arranged with the shop, so please contact us or have your insurance adjuster contact us directly so we can handle the transaction properly.
  • How long will it take to fix my TV?
    Once you drop off your television and pay the diagnostic fee, we will begin the diagnostic service. In 1-3 days, we will notify you of the final repair estimate, and at that time we will begin the repairs. Our repair turnaround time is usually 7-14 days or less, from the time we complete the diagnostic service (1-3 days). However, please be advised this can take much longer if the required parts for your unit are on backorder from the supplier. We will always keep you updated during the repair process, and if we anticipate any delays in your repair, we will reach out to you as we have that information to share. If at any time you have a question on the status of your repair, please call or email the store and we would be happy to give you an update.
  • How long will my television last after its repaired?
    Unfortunately, it’s not possible to say exactly how long your repair will last, just as it is impossible for a manufacturer to accurately predict if or when their televisions will fail. Manufacturers estimate unit life with various metrics, like an MTBF (mean-time-between-failure) score and an average life expectancy rating, but can only predict those numbers on an aggregate scale - say per 10,000 units. Rating unit-by-unit would be impossible for a mass manufacturer, and even more so for small businesses like ours. What we can offer you is peace of mind with a 90-day written warranty, a long history of satisfied customers, and guidance on how you can prolong the life of your television. We also offer the option to extend your warranty if you are interested – please contact the store for more details.
  • Can I drop off my unit at your store?
    Yes! There is a diagnostic fee for televisions dropped off in store, however 100% of the fee will be credited to your final invoice if you choose to repair your unit with us. This option is less costly than a service call. While the final repair price is the same whether you choose a service call or store drop-off, only a portion of the service call fee is applied to the final repair estimate. You can save money by coming to our location.
  • If I can’t come to the store, can you come to my home for pickup/delivery?"
    Yes! We offer this as part of our standard Service Call, which varies in price by area/distance from the store. We will come to your home (within our service call range) and pickup the television. The service call also includes diagnostic and return delivery services. There is a service call fee associated with this service, which is higher than an in store drop off. However, we will credit 50% of this your final repair price, if you choose to move forward with repairing your unit.
  • Is it possible to fix my unit in-house?
    Yes - in some instances it is possible to fix your unit in-home. This depends on the issue, parts availability, the length of time needed for labor, and having a suitable area in the home to repair your unit. While it may be possible to repair your unit in-home, we usually recommend that we take the unit back to the shop for testing. Please ask the technician for more details.
  • How long do I have to pick up my unit once repairs are complete?
    Once we notify you of repair completion, please come to the store within 7 calendar days to pay for and retrieve your unit. Any units left after 7 days without arrangements with the shop will be considered abandoned. Due to significant space limitations, we routinely clear out our backroom for abandoned units and e-waste, and as such cannot guarantee storage of any abandoned units after the 7th calendar day. These units, at management discretion, can be recycled or disposed of, and will no longer be available for your pickup. Additionally, any payments made to date will be forfeited to recoup our costs for parts & labor.
  • What kind of warranty do you provide?
    All of our services, unless otherwise noted on your invoice, come with a 90-day written warranty. The warranty covers parts & labor for the problem(s) listed as repaired on the invoice. After the warranty has expired, we can offer a discount for future repairs on the same unit (based on serial number), however final pricing is subject to the technician’s discretion.
  • How long have you been in business?
    We have been in business in Allen since 2003 -- over 17 years! We started our operations as a mobile repair service serving DFW and have been operating in the area for even longer. As of 2015, we moved our operations to a permanent retail location, on Greenville & Main Street in the Cottonwood Creek Village shopping center. Stop in when you have a moment to see a very "unique" retail concept for television repair - also grab a hot cup of coffee while you're here!
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